Titan Transportation

Atlas Share and Titan Urban are two subsidiaries of Titan Transportation, a startup company specializing in transportation services. In my role, I worked on everything from UI, Visual Design, to business cards, brochures, flyers, and proposals.


Atlas Share landing page

I created a responsive landing page for new ride-share drivers’ to sign-up. The page informed drivers of who Atlas is, why they should drive with Atlas, and the perks of building your own community within Atlas.

I placed the sign-up form front and center for easy access and onboarding. I found it equally important to highlight the referral offer of Atlas Share as it is an incentive to quickly build a community of drivers and riders.


In the proposals, visual hierarchy and typographical layout was especially important. The layout was easy to skim and gave the viewer a quick understanding of the quality of Titan’s services, as well as the partnerships that would be formed. Images were clean, crisp, and elegant, reflecting the companies high quality of service and care.

Business cards


Titan Urban

Titan business cards are elegant and bold. They are printed on heavy card stock with a grain like tactile texture. These are designed to give an impression of luxury and quality. Two characteristics the brand is on-point with.


Atlas Share

Altas Share business cards are fun, trendy, and hip. They are printed on a thick satin card stock that feels silky to the touch.