GROW’s Original Brand & Website

The original website

GROW’s original branding and website was had a heavy feel to it, was text driven, and overwhelmed the viewer with too much information. Our team contemplated doing a heuristic evaluation or redesigning the platform all together. Ultimately, we decided to start a new, since most of the content had changed and the brand would be redesigned.

GROW’s Brand Redesign

The new brand needed to be vibrant, hip, and exciting to viewers of all ages, but especially resonating with youth 12-25 years old. It was important that donors, students, parents, and educators view the site as trustable, the product effectivity conveyed to it’s users, and users could see the value of GROW to their community.

Exploring the feel and color of the New brand

Finding a color pallet for GROW was important to the brand. We explored options and ideas using mood boards. The boards provided visuals and looks to propel conversations with the stakeholders.

Mood Board 2 - Wanderfull

The mood is adventurous, insightful, and inquisitive.

Mood Board 1 - Blubella

The mood is fresh, vibrant, and youthful.


Logo Redesign - simple sketches

We explored ideas of seedlings, upward stairs, and images of regenerative growth. Ultimately, the CEO was invested in the tree and decided to refresh its look.

Vector sketches

grow_logo_2018_Website (1).png

The New Logo

My team and I updated the logo by taking away the flippers/roots, organizing large leafs to give it more movement at the top of the tree, and streamlined the silhouette of the kid’s bodies.


GROW’s Website Redesign

The Competitive Analysis


Identifying the user

GROW identified donors, educators, and students as main users of the website. Our team assessed that there was a fourth type of user, Advocates. After gathering information on the ways educators hear of new classroom materials, it became very clear that many of the educators implement materials that were referred to them. Parents are big Advocates and have a strong voice in facilitating new material in the classroom.


Understanding the user

Scenarios in which users would discover GROW


User flows & task flows


Prototypes & Mockups



GROW’s main goals for the website development was to receive donations and use it as an advertising tool. It was important to keep three main buttons in the header clearly defined and prominent in the design.

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 7.02.47 PM.png

Donate Button

This button makes it easy for GROW to collect donations and fully utilize their website for tax-deductible contributions.

Tell A Friend Button

After identifying the power of Advocates on the website it was very clear that a share button would be needed to help spread the word of GROW’s program.