Eat, Thrive, Simple

Eat, Thrive Simple is a nutrition coaching company working with clients to optimize their daily energy by forming good habits and awareness with food, nutrition, fitness, and quality supplements.

What Did I Solve For?

Eat, Thrive, Simple needed a responsive website to market their services and sell their products to the public. It was important for them to have a website they could maintain without needing a developer. 

The Solution

I built a responsive website using SquareSpace. Now the company can easily change content and add information as needed without having to outsource. 



The brand was created to be beautiful, clean, simple, and enticing. The major challenge was creating a website with a small budget for production and no budget for images. We were successful in using free images and still maintaining a cohesive look.


Mood Board

I used a mood board to explore images, ideals, and colors that would drive the company’s brand identity. The images are crisp and have an element of artistic handcrafted beauty.

The User

Eat Thrive Simple’s users are on a mission to improve their health. They are working professionals who are are looking for external support in living a more healthy lifestyle and are focused on wellness. The users are willing to make a financial investment and time commitment to improving their quality of life.



Jenny Shultz

Market Researcher, 27 yrs

Health Goals:

Optimal Health, Create New Patterns, Increase Fitness, Manage Hormones


Bowler, Avid Reader, Chief, Blogger

Wellness Guru:

Jamie Oliver


Stephanie Kratz

Boutique Owner, 32 yrs

Health Goals:

Healthy Pregnancy, clean Diet, Good Digestion


Knitting Club, Painter, Hiker, Pilates

Wellness Guru:

Cassey Ho


Chris Moore

Programer, 32 yrs

Health Goals:

Be Active, Stay Fit, Develop Muscle Mass


World Traveler, Backpacker, Rock Climber, Guitarist

Wellness Guru:

Michael Pollan


Social Media Promotions