Day of the Dead SF


The Website

Dia de los Muertos is a Meso-American celebration of the circle of life and death. Day of the Dead in San Francisco is a two part event with a Procession and Festival of Altars. The website was designed to serve as an information portal for participants, a place to onboard artist and volunteers, and a vessel to collect donations.


Wireframes & Mockups

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 5.06.47 PM.png

The website was created as a simple one page layout that provided all the necessary information for participants to get involved, donate, or contact the organizers. It was an easy to navigate, vertical scroll website.


Marketing Materials


The Postcard


The poster

The Day of the Dead 2018’s marketing materials were used to provide information for community engagement. Often, the postcards and posters serve as a token of the participator’s experience. Choosing an image that was fabricated by the hand was important in giving life to an event the relies on the hands' of the community in the construction of the altars. A local Mission artist painted the picture in watercolor of the Muerto on the postcard/poster. The strokes of the painting gave a feel of the personal touch, the existence of human interaction with the materials to create the piece itself. The colors used were sourced from the image and the use of a sans serif text made for a very legible and communicative postcard/poster.